Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SMO Services Integral Part of Search Engine Optimization, Explain?

Creating a presence online has become very crucial for the growth and success of any business today. The social media has made a great impact on the life of people that it has become the need of the hour. What is Social Media Optimization? Optimization of a website through various social media and social media networking sites are known as SMO (Social Media Optimization).

SMO is similar to SEO, which is creating awareness about a product or service thereby generating traffic to the website. The various social media outlets include social news, RSS news feeds, bookmarking sites and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and various blogging sites etc. Today, social media optimization or SMO services are considered as an important part of any online marketing and reputation building. Moreover the importance of SMO services are not restricted to brand building or digital marketing but it is a part of smart business management that includes the participation of social media as well.

Why SMO?
Social Media Optimization focuses more on creating awareness about a brand on the internet through various social media channels. The ultimate goal is to generate more traffic to the website through brand awareness. In the digital world of today it is important to understand the social signals which can be attained through search engine rankings. Creating brand awareness and promotion of the product or services are the main aim of SMO services.

The importance of SMO lies in the fact that SMO is about optimizing the source code, content and structure of the website. This means the popularity on the website depends on the fact that how easy is it to share the webpage.  Social media optimization is quite similar to search engine optimization to a great extent. When we compare SMO with SEO, they both are different activities that happen to share some common benefits and methodologies that go hand in hand. 

Search engines use the data and recommendations that are received through various social networking sites which means each time a webpage is shared or liked by people it is counted as a valuable mention or vote. These valuable votes or mentions are used by various search engines to rank the websites in the result page. Social media optimization targets the relevant networks that are needed to optimise your business. This can be done through optimizing the source code, adding share buttons for different social networking sites with some good content and one can promote discussions. This can increase the rankings in the search engines. 


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