Thursday, May 18, 2017

Need of Today’s Business – Content Marketing and Social Media Management

With the pace of digitization content marketing has gained a newer height. Content, be it an article, image, or caption, should be eye catchy and interesting. However, though content marketing is the main strategy of promoting brand identity, still through right social media management only you gain the complete result. Therefore, it has been said that where content marketing is regarded as king, social media management can be called the queen. Both are complementary to each other. If you craft an innovative content but failed to promote through all social media platforms, then you will lose that gamut of web traffic for sure.
Today brands spend enough time and money creating content that speaks to their target audience on social networking sites. Once you come up with your content you need to post them regularly on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.
Social media platform allows you to grow a personal and friendly relation with your target audience through thoughtful one-to-one interactions. Through content you can try to convince your customers. However, if your customers or the potential prospects have any doubt over the content or complain in the comments about a piece of content, then with the help of social media channel you can reply back. While doing business it is imperative to build a close-knit relation with your target audience. Community management platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others let you answer every query and thank every visitor for their love for your brand. It is these social networking sites only through which you can assure a friend of future moderation while getting a negative feedback.  Thus, social media management is all about efficient customer service.
Social Media Management permits you to entertain and inform your target audience beyond the limited characters of content. It is made for conversations. Brands cannot survive if they fail to connect with people just by publishing or posting content on daily basis. Social media blesses brand by providing brand identity and brand loyalty and creates relationship with fans.
It is necessary to post content regularly on every social networking site to draw the interest of the target audience. Make a plan, a social calendar and schedule content, like blogs, press release, forum posting, motivational quotes, small post and use industry specific hashtags. Create articles for LinkedIn Pulse and publish them on a certain day.

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To make correct use of all the social media sites you should know the appropriate time of uploading a post. For example, people check Facebook in between 2 pm to 4 pm. So upload a post on that time. Likewise, upload a post on LinkedIn on Wednesday at 11.15 am as it is used by all the professionals for business and job related task. Hence, making a post on workdays will gain you more traffic than an off day like Sunday.
Thus, it has been seen that without social media management brand cannot expand its business through content marketing. Content marketing helps you promote your business through the medium of social media. You can gain reach only through effective social media management. Hence, we can sum up that authentic, informative and interactive content marketing and efficient social media management are two vital parts without which business cannot thrive.


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