Thursday, April 20, 2017

5 Things You Need to Know About SEO Strategy in 2017

You might have learn about SEO strategy in 2016 but there is lot more to learn in 2017. When we look at upcoming trends in SEO, lots of things are going to change how we think about website optimization for the search engines. The market is going to be human-centric in 2017. Without this approach, it will be like contributing to the noise. For making your business thrive in 2017, your research, writing, marketing and sales should be customer-centric. Read further for knowing the five factors everyone should know for SEO success in 2017.

1. High Quality Content, Not SEO Tricks

Google is becoming better and better and is keeping an eye on those who try to cheat it. In short, only the best quality content of websites and blogs are given preference and they are going to win the race in 2017. It’s the time to think about the content which will guide customer about your services, instead of thinking about tricks which will compel them to visit your website.

2. High Quality Back Links

Google loves backlinks. That is links given to you by external websites. What Google doesn’t like is fake backlinks generated by backlink farms. Job of backlink farm is to get backlinks from such websites, who don’t have any relevance with your business. So how you can get backlinks to your website? There are three best ways.
  • By issuing press release on regular basis.
  • Blogging on trusted third party websites.
  • Getting your website listed on trusted directories and industry portals.

3. Keyword Optimization

To help Google help you, your website should be easily found. Come up with the keywords, which you think will be used by the customer for finding the relevant information on your website. If you would like to take help from some tools, then SEMRush, Google Planner or Moz are some of the tools which can help you with keywords. These tools will let you know, the exact number of searches done for your keyword and amount of competition for that keyword. You should aim on high search keywords which have low competition. Keywords should be smartly inserted in titles, URL, and content.

4. Beware Of Keyword Stuffing

Inserting keywords in your content, titles and URLs in a flow, which convey proper meaning is a smart way of attaining good ranking. But using keywords more than content is a practice which should be avoided. Google has become very smart to block such strategies which will directly hit your website ranking.

5. Meta-tag Is Designed For Clicking Not For Optimizing

Meta tags are those paragraphs, which you see just below the title of your website. Earlier you needed keywords to be mentioned in that tags, but no more now. But still you need a cracking and appealing meta tags for convincing customers to visit your website. It separates you from other websites and makes people to click on your website, instead of your competitor one.
The future of SEO in 2017 is bright. The only important step you need to take in 2017 is to make sure that your focus should be on customers. Consistently providing relevant and informative content to the visitors is the only strategy for making you stand out of crowd in 2017.


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