Monday, October 14, 2013

A Guide to Content Syndication Services

While presenting content through blogs and websites is a great way to market and promote products and services, content syndication can give a boost to the same. It helps to improve the credit-ability, prestige and standard of a company at minimum investment. The best thing about content syndication is that even prominent publishers can be approached easily which can open new portals for bulk traffic.

By placing your content into the hands of syndication services providers you allow them to showcase your work to a wide market without any kind of investment. These services providers will gauge your content according to the market and will make suitable tweaks to it so as to better the audience reception.  Thus, without having you to work on the promotion and presentation, the distribution partners will work for you, and that also without having you to invest at all.

Here are the 4 main benefits of content syndication services-

1) Boost Traffic and SERPs
When you let another website (or in this case, the syndication services provider) redistribute your content then you automatically get a back link. And if you have been into online marketing for a while then you must know how important back-links are in boosting the traffic. Also, the same will certainly improve your SERP rankings. Thus, syndication services are in arguably one of the best methods for website promotion.

2) Make Additional Revenue
When your content is posted on ad-enabled widgets then you generate extra revenue from the traffic visiting your page through that widget. There are many such platforms like Mochila which allows your content to be purchased by a client and thus lets you have additional income apart from the primary one. Even though you only get a part of the total price, since the remaining part is taken by the distributer, you still can make considerable amount of money if you sell enough.

3) Brand Awareness
In any business brand awareness plays a key role. There are many brands which have made it to the peaks of their domains. These include Xerox and Google which created such an impact in the market only to be included in Oxford dictionaries as nouns and verbs. Such is the power of brand awareness. And depending on the popularity, the syndication services can highly help you in this sphere.

4) Cost Effective Solution
Using syndication services barely costs a penny. Far from it, you actually get to make money instead. Plus, you don’t have to toil or work like crazy to put your content into syndication system, the partner companies take care of all the things- from making summaries to presenting content to public. All you have to do is hand over your content to them and lay back and enjoy the benefits.

In a nut-shell, leaning towards content syndication services as a part of marketing campaign can certainly contribute to the overall traffic generation in so many ways. It is cheap, but quite effective at the same time.
Inventive Infotech SMi content syndication network extends to a diverse audience of 7 million business owners and technology professionals. Content can attract more active buyers if it’s available in the right channels. In order to deliver high value leads, we manage every aspect of content syndication, including assets, distribution, landing pages and lead delivery. We generate more leads that fit your target profile because of our proven integrated processes.


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