Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Content Marketing: Need for Every Business

With constant innovations and developments in technology, the business world is also gaining a great amount of boost. Switching to online medium has been a greatest transformation in the world of global economy. Internet has been a boon to each and every individual who is well connected and educated about the essence and benefits of virtual world. Internet has contributed greatly in growth and progress of organizations functioning in different segments.

Content marketing plays a vital role in online mediums of promotion. It is very important for organizations to develop right and effective content that can present an accurate image of companies in the eyes of target audience. B2B marketers and B2C marketers are in great need of a right content. Content marketing is very essential in B2B marketing. With global economy moving in a positive direction, organizations are taking the most of content marketing in promoting and advertising about their brands, products, services, etc… Content Marketing has evolved greatly with time. The outlook of target audience has taken a major shift in valuing the content of organizations on social media.

In traditional times, content and content marketing tactics were utilized for presentation and basic introduction purpose. But today, content has overtaken such a mindset of organizations and end users. In order to face high competition, new entrants or start ups, small, mid and large sized organizations need to inculcate high quality and effective content for marketing their products and services well. Content possess the power of winning attitudes and mindsets of people. Hence, let us learn about certain content marketing tactics that would aid in taking a shift.

1. Develop win-win strategy: A great content marketing plan can supersede one’s competitors and other players in market. Hence in order to face this cut throat competition, organizations need to create a winning strategy for content marketing. This can be done with the help of content syndication and distribution. By approaching professional content developers, vendors, agencies, consultants, publications, writers and thought leaders, companies can sync this with their strategy really well. Relying on just SEO friendly articles is just not sufficed.

2. Create and develop target audience: It is very essential to create content friendly stuff to well relate to one’s target audience. Organizations can utilize the power of content marketing via websites, social media platforms, emails, etc… Through these mediums, organizations need to only post content that would straight away hit on the target audience. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… being reliable source acknowledges lakhs of visitors on daily basis.

3. Never miss upon competitor’s audiences: It is worth shelling some amount on mediums that could aid in generating long term revenue options for companies. Hence by choosing paid medium, companies can advertise well about their credits. This could lead in aiming competitors and other players’ target audience as well.

How can this be done?

Content marketing is a specialized domain that is operated by skilled, experienced and mature professionals. In order to ensure effectiveness of content marketing strategies and plans, organizations should choose to go for outdoor agencies, freelancers or in – house teams. 

Inventive-SMi content syndication network extends to a diverse audience of 7 million business owners and technology professionals. Content can attract more active buyers if it’s available in the right channels. In order to deliver high value leads, we manage every aspect of content syndication, including assets, distribution, landing pages and lead delivery. We generate more leads that fit your target profile because of our proven integrated processes.


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