Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Appointment Setting – What No One Ever Told You?

Marketing is a form of art that needs polished articulation along with a catchy script. Appointment setting company prepares strategic marketing policy to attract leads. You need to connect well with the prospects while making a call to schedule a meeting. A scheduled meeting over phone or face to face always works great as the prospect has given you his precious time willingly to know more about your products and services.

While making cold call as a first step of appointment setting services, it is important to simply introduce yourself and ask the prospect for his convenient time to formally inform the business benefits. Your call should not look like an interruption in the busy schedule of the prospect. Some required elements for an effective appointment setting agenda are as follows:


Patience is something you required most during your lead generation pursuit. Though your message is an attractive and informative enough, still there is minimum chance that your prospects call you back. So, don’t lose heart if you face rejection at first attempt. Keep patience and try 8 to 12 times to convince 3 to 5 potential customers for getting a positive response for the meeting.

Ask for Time

While you are promoting a sale, it is necessary for you to ask the client if he is busy or can give you few precious seconds. Your call should not sound like an interruption to prospect’s busy daily schedule. Many times out of sheer fear of rejection sales people ignore to ask the prospect for his valuable time. However, that should not be practised. While you ask the prospect for his time, it shows your sense of respect towards him and also gives you an opportunity to schedule a meeting in the near future at his leisured time.

Avoid Unnecessary Introduction

While making a call to your customers do not jump directly to sell. Instead of introducing your name and going immediately to sell the product, inform the prospect that you take some time in the future to speak about your products. Focusing on the right perspective, like fixing the meeting in client’s convenient time is wise rather than jump start on narrating your business benefits.

Fix a Call in Near Future

Don’t make the blunder of requesting an in-person meeting at the first attempt. While making the call for the first time, your first aim should be at shifting the context for delivering initial message from an interruption to a planned event. To increase your chances of success, suggest a specific day and time frame for a call.

Make Sure That Your Message Directs the Meeting

Salespersons are generally trained to avoid talking directly what they are selling. However, while doing so, customers remain in darkness and they may hesitant to give their valuable time to the appointment setter or that salesperson. This makes the whole appointment setting campaign a failure. So, to avoid such situation, it is healthy for telesales or appointment setters to speak gently about the objective of the call. If the prospect knows your objective then only he will give his time for a further meeting over phone.


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