Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Convert Your Content into Revenue

B2B content marketing is a very common thing used by most of the marketers. It is seen from a survey that only 9% people feel that their efforts are useful and the content is helpful to them. It can be said that the revenue generation is always influenced by the quality and type of content used. The B2B marketing industry is very effective, but if the content is not creating revenue, then one needs to fix it. 

Content marketing is more like a jigsaw puzzle where everyone has their own role to play. When these pieces fit correctly, the content will have greater and higher revenues. The content developer has to write the content keeping in mind the audience targeted and then work on it.  Without having an idea about the audience, even if a large chunk of content is created it is a waste because the developer has not thought about the audience. 

Effective content marketing is necessary for the proper revenue generation. For that all the proper measures and distribution of the content has to be planned. Very effective content is required at the first stage. Organizations have gained a certain amount of excellence in the content development and have worked effectively to create a content driven sales and marketing strategy. These organizations have hired adequate resources to support the written content.

A proper marketing strategy has to be in place before understanding and analyzing the goals and the targeted audience. Effective guidance is available in abundance to understand how the effective content should be written, and how it should be marketed. 

Proper use of tools is very important and they should be in place for effective revenue generation like a website is needed, a marketing automation platform, a customer relationship management and an alignment with the sales around lead management to understand the responsibilities of every individual. 

Content distribution is very important to drive revenue and it has to be in the marketing plan. Distribute content via emails, social media, direct advertisements and print advertisements.

The website should have a landing page where the audience should be diverted to a landing page which is optimized around the offer. If they are diverted to the product gallery, there is a high chance of losing them. The more effective is the landing page, more are the chances of your earning. 

When the audience has read and explored the entire website, there has to be something that guides them what to do next. This is called as the call to action step. It can be a ‘Register here’ or cart or contact us or something effective. The more confusing the call to action step is, the more chances of losing the audience.

If your content is the best in quality, education and have gone through all the best practices of the offers, then you are more likely to get qualified leads and with tons of buyers. Some contacts who do not qualify are offered some more great content which is the more fine and high in quality. This process is often followed by the purchase.

So, be keen about whatever you put on your site and get ready to turn your content to earn more.  For more news or blogs Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter


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