Monday, February 3, 2014

The Growing Importance of B2B Telemarketing

Due to a high rate of outsourcing companies in the world and with the growing competition in every industry, the business world never sleeps and works 24/7. Every business has to cope with all different time zones across the world and have to catch their clients around the clock. Most of the business cannot leave their work and call their clients, so they prefer to outsource their telemarketing to professionals who can call their clients and offer them services which they are expected to get.
Telemarketing- something beyond just the call centers

Outbound telemarketing and inbound telemarketing calls are two of the basic services that are offered by the telemarketing company. Busy companies can select the kind of services they need to outsource and the telemarketing company can take care of the rest of the things and the client needs. People have misconcepts about the telemarketing companies as they are just calling centers. People think it as a downgraded industry in the last few years, but the truth is that it is the most challenging and creative industry, to work for. But they are more than that and offer some professional services. Their services have grown from telemarketing to customer support, market research, outbound calling and lead generations.

The companies who outsource above services to the telemarketing companies decide if they have to get into a long term contract or a small term telemarketing campaign for a small time. Telemarketing companies are growing importance day by day as they offer professional services to the clients; these companies work 24/7 and call any time zone where the clients are located. They are trained to work on the expected skill sets and use their expertise for the clients. Telemarketing companies-beneficial for all sectors

Telemarketing companies are beneficial for industries like banks, sales, marketing, IT, BPO’s and KPO’s. They are very important today as IT companies and banks cannot dedicate their time apart from their daily work to call their clients as the client base is very large. It is practically impossible to call each and every client daily, wherein the telemarketing employees are trained in such a way that they can call about 200 to 300 clients every day. 

The b2b telemarketing industry has proven their worth and they are a valuable industry today. As large businesses cannot have their call centers on site as they are very costlier so they have outsourced their call centers. Telemarketing companies specialize in particular services they need to offer. Now bigger businesses no longer have to worry about the hiring, retention, training of the staff for telemarketing. They just need to sign the contract with the vendor and everything else is managed by the telemarketing company. All these parameters make these telemarketing companies a win-win situation. They have a good future ahead as far as the larger businesses cannot have a separate staff for calling and thanks to the professional services the telemarketing company’s offer.

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